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Auto Accidents

Crane Law Auto Accident Services

In Florida, every driver needs to be on guard. But accidents do happen, and when they do, you may need a lawyer. A local lawyer in Clearwater or the surrounding area is not needed after every crash, and we will give our best advice to those who are able to handle the aftermath of a car accident on their own. But there are other instances when a person has serious injuries and medical bills, or major damage to his or her car. In those scenarios, it’s often best to retain the help of an experienced auto accident legal professional.

When our office takes a case, we will begin to:

  • Help our clients to make sure that their medical expenses are being correctly submitted for payment(s)
  • Help our clients to obtain a rental vehicle while their vehicle is being assessed.
  • Help our clients to obtain the necessary repairs to their vehicle if applicable.
  • Help our clients by communicating with the insurance companies, so that the client does not have that stressor.

When a client is trying to heal from injuries sustained in an auto accident, these actions listed above can become very difficult. In addition, without the experience of litigating auto accident cases, it can be hard to decipher all the insurance coverages available.

For instance, if our client was injured while riding as a passenger in a car/truck/SUV, there may be many different layers of insurance coverage available. These insurances include: the client’s auto insurance, the driver’s auto insurance, the owner of the vehicle’s auto insurance, the at-fault driver’s auto insurance, the auto insurance of the owner of the vehicle that the at-fault driver vehicle was operating, etc. Because we want the client to be covered as much as humanly possible, we exhaust all resources and navigate the complex insurance world for you.

Typically, if you experience persistent pain, if you are unable to go to work, or if you received treatment in a hospital after an auto accident, (that was not your fault), at least call or contact us today and ask for guidance on how to proceed. Even if your case does not need the involvement of a lawyer, you will at least have the peace of mind knowing that you used the available resources of an auto accident lawyer to check your options.

Hiring an accident attorney after your vehicle wreck is an important decision. You want to make sure that you understand your rights and your options. You also want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the knowledge and professionalism of your accident lawyer. That is what we strive to provide for all of our clients.

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Sound legal advice is based on years of training, hard work, and passion, as well as familiarity with legislation. You’ll find all that and more at Crane Law. Let us take some of the stress out of your legal situation.

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