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Guardian Ad Litem

Crane Law Guardian Ad Litem Services

A Guardian ad Litem is appointed to act as a “companion” or investigator/evaluator on behalf of the children’s best interest. A Guardian ad Litem will administer a thorough investigation to gauge what is in the best interest of the child(ren), and their purpose is to make recommendations to the court about the best course of action for the child. This recommendation is based on the investigation conducted on behalf of the child.

Said investigations are typically very thorough and include:

  • Speaking to the child or children in different environments
  • Observing the child or children with both of the parents (together or separately)
  • Speaking to school caregivers, after-school caregivers, friends of the parents, other family members of the parents
  • Investigating the homes of both of the parents

The entirety of the investigation is documented and entered into the Guardian’s Report. This report is provided to the court in order to provide assistance in the Court’s ultimate determination.

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